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  1. Photo of James Ivory

    James Ivory Director

  2. Photo of Jeff Bleckner

    Jeff Bleckner Director

  3. Photo of Jack Hofsiss

    Jack Hofsiss Director

  4. Photo of Terrence McNally

    Terrence McNally Screenplay

  5. Photo of John Cheever

    John Cheever Screenplay

  6. Photo of Laurence Luckinbill

    Laurence Luckinbill Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Beth Hurt

    Mary Beth Hurt Cast

  8. Photo of Laurinda Barrett

    Laurinda Barrett Cast

  9. Photo of Dale Hodges

    Dale Hodges Cast

  10. Photo of Kathy Keeney

    Kathy Keeney Cast

  11. Photo of Philip Scher

    Philip Scher Cast

  12. Photo of Jon DeVries

    Jon DeVries Cast

  13. Photo of Nicholas Luckinbill

    Nicholas Luckinbill Cast

  14. Photo of Ann McDonough

    Ann McDonough Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Hitt

    Robert Hitt Cast

  16. Photo of Tiger Haynes

    Tiger Haynes Cast

  17. Photo of Susan Hovey

    Susan Hovey Cast

  18. Photo of John Ramsey

    John Ramsey Cast

  19. Photo of John Harkins

    John Harkins Cast

  20. Photo of Andrzej Bartkowiak

    Andrzej Bartkowiak Cinematography

  21. Photo of Jonathan Tunick

    Jonathan Tunick Music

  22. Photo of Jac Venza

    Jac Venza Producer

  23. Photo of Peter Weinberg

    Peter Weinberg Producer

  24. Photo of David E. McKenna

    David E. McKenna Editing

  25. Photo of Jack Higgins

    Jack Higgins Sound

  26. Photo of Richard Mader

    Richard Mader Sound

  27. Photo of Cabell Smith

    Cabell Smith Sound

  28. Photo of Julie Weiss

    Julie Weiss Costume Design