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  1. Photo of Ken Loach

    Ken Loach Director

  2. Photo of Jimmy O'Connor

    Jimmy O'Connor Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tony Selby

    Tony Selby Cast

  4. Photo of Rita Webb

    Rita Webb Cast

  5. Photo of Finnuala O'Shannon

    Finnuala O'Shannon Cast

  6. Photo of Dickie Owen

    Dickie Owen Cast

  7. Photo of Will Stampe

    Will Stampe Cast

  8. Photo of John Blythe

    John Blythe Cast

  9. Photo of Wally Patch

    Wally Patch Cast

  10. Photo of Ken Wayne

    Ken Wayne Cast

  11. Photo of Glynn Edwards

    Glynn Edwards Cast

  12. Photo of Howell Evans

    Howell Evans Cast

  13. Photo of Eric Mason

    Eric Mason Cast

  14. Photo of Alan Cooper

    Alan Cooper Cast

  15. Photo of Brian Weske

    Brian Weske Cast

  16. Photo of Griffith Davies

    Griffith Davies Cast

  17. Photo of George Sewell

    George Sewell Cast

  18. Photo of Ken Jones

    Ken Jones Cast

  19. Photo of David Crane

    David Crane Cast

  20. Photo of Tony Imi

    Tony Imi Cinematography

  21. Photo of James MacTaggart

    James MacTaggart Producer