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  1. Photo of Sheena Parikh

    Sheena Parikh Costume Design

  2. Photo of Raghuveer Shetty

    Raghuveer Shetty Costume Design

  3. Photo of Rajnish Hedao

    Rajnish Hedao Art Department and Production Design

  4. Photo of Brian Wade

    Brian Wade Special Effects

  5. Photo of Badarinathchinimilli

    Badarinathchinimilli Visual Effects

  6. Photo of Soumen Das

    Soumen Das Visual Effects

  7. Photo of Vinay Kadam

    Vinay Kadam Visual Effects

  8. Photo of Abrez Mohammed

    Abrez Mohammed Visual Effects

  9. Photo of Achal Muchhala

    Achal Muchhala Visual Effects

  10. Photo of Bhavesh Patel

    Bhavesh Patel Visual Effects

  11. Photo of Mitul Patel

    Mitul Patel Visual Effects

  12. Photo of Rajiv Raghunathan

    Rajiv Raghunathan Visual Effects

  13. Photo of Rajeev Rajasekharan

    Rajeev Rajasekharan Visual Effects

  14. Photo of Shubham Singh Rathore

    Shubham Singh Rathore Visual Effects

  15. Photo of Satya Reddy

    Satya Reddy Visual Effects

  16. Photo of Akshay Sachdeva

    Akshay Sachdeva Visual Effects

  17. Photo of Shree Krishna Shrestha

    Shree Krishna Shrestha Visual Effects

  18. Photo of Muthu Stalin

    Muthu Stalin Visual Effects

  19. Photo of Manoj Sundriyal

    Manoj Sundriyal Visual Effects

  20. Photo of Caesar Gonsalves

    Caesar Gonsalves Choreography

  21. Photo of Bosco Martis

    Bosco Martis Choreography

  22. Photo of Ranju Varghese

    Ranju Varghese Choreography

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