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  1. the infallible foodstamps's rating of the film 3 Women

  2. Titisan Ahasveros's rating of the film 3 Women

  3. jhubbs's rating of the film 3 Women

    Intentional, truly off-putting acting and dialogue, particularly in the first half. Creepy music and weird phrasing juxtaposed with Americana feels very Lynch. The beginning portion is just way too slow and dull, film gets much more engaging further in and the mystery aspects keep you guessing. Could have used more time with "Willie". Do not like the intro's spookiness, would work better if phased into it slowly 3.5

  4. Andre's rating of the film 3 Women

    Deeply unsettling - all the moreso because, unlike Mulholland Dr, the horror stems from the domestic and the banal. I can't follow the exact plot permutations, but the nightmarish distortions of the basic human desire to be liked and admired hits like a ton of bricks. Altman's direction is as fluid as the water in the spa. This demonstrates why the loss of identity can be so terrifying.

  5. Dalibor's rating of the film 3 Women

    Link between Bunuel and Bergman towards Lynch. Visually appealing, witty, and quite intriguing story-wise! As a deconstruction of female consciousness, something Altman did from time to time, it's far more complex and a lot comprehensive than his earlier try in "Images", or sole character study like in "Nashville". And all of those are great films.

  6. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film 3 Women

    Eerie and Bergman-esque. Reminds me of "Persona." Every single shot is beautiful or striking, and the editing/dissolves are entrancing. Duvall and Spacek are spell-binding. I could've kept watching this for hours. And, hey - now I know how to make a tuna casserole.

  7. bartkl's rating of the film 3 Women

    I'm not entirely sure what to think of this film. It's definitely an interesting, worthwile watch, a good film in many regards. I love ALTMAN's playful, creative and varied style, time and time again. I think I wasn't prepared for such psychological absurdity, which rather than surprise me in a positive way, rather struck me as uncredible and odd. Mixed feelings for me.

  8. Philippe Lajède's rating of the film 3 Women

  9. Rupert Giles's rating of the film 3 Women

  10. Pegas's rating of the film 3 Women

  11. Ryan Christopher Coleman's rating of the film 3 Women

    man i really need to get smarter to watch this again

  12. B o g d a n's rating of the film 3 Women

  13. ceknklsn's rating of the film 3 Women

    91/100 (Estetik tatmini arayan, kendi zevki için film yapan, gişe başarısını umursamayan, dünyanın anlamını çoktan çözmüş birisi film yapınca böyle oluyor sanırım. O kadar uzun süre olmuştu ki böyle "hayal" gibi bir film izlemeyeli. Unutmuşum bu tadı. Persona'dan bi kaç ufak aşırtma ve karakter değişimindeki sıradanlıklar dışında kusur aramak yedinci sanata saygısızlık. Altman seni saygıyla selamlıyorum. )

  14. James Mackin's rating of the film 3 Women

    You just live life as whoever you are. And one day, you're still living life, and while nothing has changed, it seems like everything has changed. And you're a completely different person. No matter how many variations of a melt you can still make, everything has still changed.

  15. teresa romã's rating of the film 3 Women

  16. Cartaphilus's rating of the film 3 Women

  17. Mysterious Stranger's rating of the film 3 Women

    "She's a strange person but it's better than waiting around for some fat nurse to answer the notice." 3 Women is a priceless trove of droll quotes and creepy awkwardness.

  18. Ann Burden's rating of the film 3 Women

  19. AdrianM.'s rating of the film 3 Women

  20. FISCHER's rating of the film 3 Women

    L'amitié entre deux femmes, Pinky Rose, engagée comme aide-soignante dans un centre hospitalier pour seniors et Millie Lammoreaux qui est chargée de lui apprendre son travail ..... Un charme évident !

  21. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film 3 Women

    8.2/10, my review:

  22. tw's rating of the film 3 Women

    i think of this movie nearly every day

  23. amelia zhou's rating of the film 3 Women

    from the first dreamlike underwater sequence (like amniotic fluid) revealing placid ageing bodies plodding in a therapeutic pool, altman sets up a surreal narrative that dwells carefully upon ideas of birth, regeneration and the interexchange of self. honestly, going in, was skeptical to how altman would contemplate his female characters but his grasp of their interior lives deserves due credit.

  24. -REM-'s rating of the film 3 Women

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