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  1. Photo of David Slade

    David Slade Director

  2. Photo of Stuart Beattie

    Stuart Beattie Screenplay

  3. Photo of Steve Niles

    Steve Niles Screenplay

  4. Photo of Brian Nelson

    Brian Nelson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sam Raimi

    Sam Raimi Producer

  6. Photo of Robert G. Tapert

    Robert G. Tapert Producer

  7. Photo of Art Jones

    Art Jones Editing

  8. Photo of Brian Reitzell

    Brian Reitzell Music

  9. Photo of Jo Willems

    Jo Willems Cinematography

  10. Photo of Danny Huston

    Danny Huston Cast

  11. Photo of Ben Foster

    Ben Foster Cast

  12. Photo of Josh Hartnett

    Josh Hartnett Cast

  13. Photo of Melissa George

    Melissa George Cast

  14. Photo of Mark Boone Junior

    Mark Boone Junior Cast

  15. Photo of Mark Rendall

    Mark Rendall Cast

  16. Photo of Amber Sainsbury

    Amber Sainsbury Cast

  17. Photo of Manu Bennett

    Manu Bennett Cast

  18. Photo of Megan Franich

    Megan Franich Cast

  19. Photo of Joel Tobeck

    Joel Tobeck Cast

  20. Photo of Elizabeth Hawthorne

    Elizabeth Hawthorne Cast

  21. Photo of Nathaniel Lees

    Nathaniel Lees Cast

  22. Photo of Craig Hall

    Craig Hall Cast

  23. Photo of Chic Littlewood

    Chic Littlewood Cast

  24. Photo of Peter Feeney

    Peter Feeney Cast

  25. Photo of Min Windle

    Min Windle Cast

  26. Photo of Camille Keenan

    Camille Keenan Cast

  27. Photo of Jack Walley

    Jack Walley Cast

  28. Photo of Elizabeth McRae

    Elizabeth McRae Cast

  29. Photo of Joe Dekkers-Reihana

    Joe Dekkers-Reihana Cast

  30. Photo of Scott Taylor

    Scott Taylor Cast

  31. Photo of Grant Tilly

    Grant Tilly Cast

  32. Photo of Pua Magasiva

    Pua Magasiva Cast

  33. Photo of Jared Turner

    Jared Turner Cast

  34. Photo of Kelson Henderson

    Kelson Henderson Cast

  35. Photo of John Wraight

    John Wraight Cast

  36. Photo of Dayna Porter

    Dayna Porter Cast

  37. Photo of Kate S. Butler

    Kate S. Butler Cast

  38. Photo of Patrick Kake

    Patrick Kake Cast

  39. Photo of Thomas Newman

    Thomas Newman Cast

  40. Photo of John Rawls

    John Rawls Cast

  41. Photo of Andrew Stehlin

    Andrew Stehlin Cast

  42. Photo of Tim McLachlan

    Tim McLachlan Cast

  43. Photo of Ben Fransham

    Ben Fransham Cast

  44. Photo of Kate Elliott

    Kate Elliott Cast

  45. Photo of Allan Smith

    Allan Smith Cast

  46. Photo of Jarrod Martin

    Jarrod Martin Cast

  47. Photo of Sam La Hood

    Sam La Hood Cast

  48. Photo of Jacob Tomuri

    Jacob Tomuri Cast

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