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  1. Photo of Wolfgang Glück

    Wolfgang Glück Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Friedrich Torberg

    Friedrich Torberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tobias Engel

    Tobias Engel Cast

  4. Photo of Sunnyi Melles

    Sunnyi Melles Cast

  5. Photo of Heinz Trixner

    Heinz Trixner Cast

  6. Photo of Romuald Pekny

    Romuald Pekny Cast

  7. Photo of Ingrid Burkhard

    Ingrid Burkhard Cast

  8. Photo of Lukas Resetarits

    Lukas Resetarits Cast

  9. Photo of Gerhard Bronner

    Gerhard Bronner Cast

  10. Photo of Miguel Herz-Kestranek

    Miguel Herz-Kestranek Cast

  11. Photo of Gérard Vandenberg

    Gérard Vandenberg Cinematography

  12. Photo of Bert Grund

    Bert Grund Music

  13. Photo of Herwig Libowitzky

    Herwig Libowitzky Production Design

  14. Photo of Christian Marin

    Christian Marin Production Design

  15. Photo of Oldřich Okáč

    Oldřich Okáč Production Design

  16. Photo of Michael von Wolkenstein

    Michael von Wolkenstein Producer

  17. Photo of Herbert Reutterer

    Herbert Reutterer Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Heidi Handorf

    Heidi Handorf Editing

  19. Photo of Wolfgang B. Heine

    Wolfgang B. Heine Editing