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  1. Photo of Marvin Kren

    Marvin Kren Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hanno Hackfort

    Hanno Hackfort Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christoph Bob Konrad

    Christoph Bob Konrad Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Kropf

    Richard Kropf Screenplay

  5. Photo of Benjamin Hessler

    Benjamin Hessler Screenplay

  6. Photo of Kida Khodr Ramadan

    Kida Khodr Ramadan Cast

  7. Photo of Frederick Lau

    Frederick Lau Cast

  8. Photo of Veysel

    Veysel Cast

  9. Photo of Maryam Zaree

    Maryam Zaree Cast

  10. Photo of Oliver Masucci

    Oliver Masucci Cast

  11. Photo of Ludwig Trepte

    Ludwig Trepte Cast

  12. Photo of Sami Nasser

    Sami Nasser Cast

  13. Photo of Wasiem Taha

    Wasiem Taha Cast

  14. Photo of Almila Bagriacik

    Almila Bagriacik Cast

  15. Photo of Emilio Sakraya

    Emilio Sakraya Cast

  16. Photo of Raymond Tarabay

    Raymond Tarabay Cast

  17. Photo of Ronald Zehrfeld

    Ronald Zehrfeld Cast

  18. Photo of Maximilian Jaenisch

    Maximilian Jaenisch Cast

  19. Photo of Tijan Marei

    Tijan Marei Cast

  20. Photo of Moritz Schultheiß

    Moritz Schultheiß Cinematography

  21. Photo of Stefan Will

    Stefan Will Music