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  1. Photo of Harry Weisbloom

    Harry Weisbloom Director

  2. Photo of Ted Clisby

    Ted Clisby Director

  3. Photo of Ruth Jackson

    Ruth Jackson Director

  4. Photo of Jonathan Gili

    Jonathan Gili Director

  5. Photo of Jo Clinton Davis

    Jo Clinton Davis Director

  6. Photo of Chris Curling

    Chris Curling Director

  7. Photo of Julia McClaren

    Julia McClaren Director

  8. Photo of Michael Waldman

    Michael Waldman Director

  9. Photo of Colleen Toomey

    Colleen Toomey Director

  10. Photo of Molly Dineen

    Molly Dineen Director

  11. Photo of Ann Paul

    Ann Paul Director

  12. Photo of Robyn Wallis

    Robyn Wallis Director

  13. Photo of Judi Conner

    Judi Conner Director

  14. Photo of Caroline Mortimer

    Caroline Mortimer Screenplay

  15. Photo of David Pearson

    David Pearson Screenplay

  16. Photo of Gerald Scarfe

    Gerald Scarfe Screenplay

  17. Photo of Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson Screenplay

  18. Photo of Michael Dean

    Michael Dean Self and Screenplay

  19. Photo of Ian Holm

    Ian Holm Self

  20. Photo of Jane Asher

    Jane Asher Self

  21. Photo of Claire Walmsley

    Claire Walmsley Self

  22. Photo of Roger Mills

    Roger Mills Self

  23. Photo of John Pitman

    John Pitman Self and Director

  24. Photo of Richard Denton

    Richard Denton Self

  25. Photo of Tim Pigott-Smith

    Tim Pigott-Smith Self

  26. Photo of Robin Ellis

    Robin Ellis Self

  27. Photo of Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile Self