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Ratings & Reviews

  1. curlyk's rating of the film 42plus

  2. bastos's rating of the film 42plus

    artificial flat relationships based on a too simple moral. Wet dreams of frustrated authors with money problems.

  3. Jakob von Gunten's rating of the film 42plus

    Müdes filmchen mit den bekannten Protagonisten. Einzig Moretti offenbart irgendetwas wie Schauspielkunst. Die unbegabte Protagonistin kann im Gegenteil zu Degedo-Produktionen hier anzügliche Worte sagen, sagenhaft! Sonst kann sie nichts. Der Plot eine Allerweltsgeschichte. Langweilg ist übertrieben.

  4. Axel's rating of the film 42plus

    There is no reason to watch this film!

  5. klofter's rating of the film 42plus

    Doesn't achieve much formally and narratively but moves along swiftly enough that one is moderately entertained. A great cast doesn't get much to do and the mediterranean tourist trap as meat market setting can't really do much to elevate this rather pedestrian affair.