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  1. Photo of João Mário Grilo

    João Mário Grilo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paulo Filipe

    Paulo Filipe Screenplay

  3. Photo of João Guerra

    João Guerra Cinematography

  4. Photo of Luís Sobral

    Luís Sobral Editing

  5. Photo of Mário Laginha

    Mário Laginha Music

  6. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  7. Photo of Tiago Matos

    Tiago Matos Sound

  8. Photo of Branko Neskov

    Branko Neskov Sound

  9. Photo of Pedro Melo

    Pedro Melo Sound

  10. Photo of Sofia Alves

    Sofia Alves Cast

  11. Photo of Adriano Luz

    Adriano Luz Cast

  12. Photo of Fátima Belo

    Fátima Belo Cast

  13. Photo of Nuno Melo

    Nuno Melo Cast

  14. Photo of Rita Blanco

    Rita Blanco Cast

  15. Photo of Henrique Viana

    Henrique Viana Cast

  16. Photo of Canto e Castro

    Canto e Castro Cast

  17. Photo of Cremilda Gil

    Cremilda Gil Cast

  18. Photo of Maria Helena Amaral

    Maria Helena Amaral Cast

  19. Photo of Paula Pais

    Paula Pais Cast

  20. Photo of Rita Videira

    Rita Videira Cast

  21. Photo of Ângela Ribeiro

    Ângela Ribeiro Cast