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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Un petit film d'humour au rythme endiablé; les protagonistes excellents dans de superbes rôles de composition .....

  2. Marco Tassinari's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

  3. tommy cruise's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

  4. Thomas's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    The casting and on-screen chemistry is spot on, but the film soon feels tiresome. Many say that it 'officially' started the buddy-cop movie genre.. If that is indeed the case then it's understandable, therefore, that the balance between the comic and the more 'gritty', tough elements remains uncertain of itself.

  5. Ramzi's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Good action, funny, San Francisco - could you ask for much more in a film? Probably not. The characters are perhaps a little too rough.

  6. Anita G's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Very of its time film. Couldnt really get into it, although I liked the neon lights and the cinematography.

  7. Luke Corradine's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    This film couldn't have been better cast. In what seems to me a genius premonition to Murray's phenomenal career as an indomitable cop, Nolte forms a perfect match albeit to a slightly disjointed script. On the music side, James Horner's score feels like one of his best no doubt!.. I always felt his Cameron association didn't do the man any good anyway..

  8. alimcintyre's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    So noisy I had to turn my ear trumpet down.

  9. Superfrog's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    A far as I know, started a genre; feels a bit parodic as a result, in its depiction of racial and gender interactions but also in what became markers of the genre, like the screaming chief. Actually quite well made in terms of photography and pretty pleasant to watch.

  10. Ethan Hodson's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

  11. Jack Batchelor's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Yes, it's a cheesy buddy cop film that looks like the budget was tight in places, but it seems to be aiming for loftier ground (bringing to mind later action flicks like the Demolition Man). Eddie Murphy, in his prime, sweating and verbally abusing a bar full of backwards country-boys should, alone, be enough to convince anyone to watch this movie.

  12. Elisabeth's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Entertaining but so full of 80's racism

  13. Tja's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    So un-pc its almost refreshing. Nolte's bad cop plays nicely against Murphy's endearing charm and impish violence. The wild west circa 1982. I lost count of the number of utterances of the 'N' word. Probably features in Trump's dvd Gold collection modelling America being Great Again.

  14. JCPJD's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    This seems deeply weird and dated, in the worst possible way. Not quite a strait thriller, not quite a comedy, 48 Hrs carries a lot of slightly too on the nose racism, machismo and wishful thinking. As a document of Eddie Murphy's early talent and Nick Nolte's failure to become one of the greats, it's a valuable film. But that's it really.

  15. Steve G.'s rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    If Mubi is being generous and handing out buddy cop films, how about a spot of Running Scared next?

  16. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Eddie Murphy is style personified and an absolute legend. But this film is of its time - casual racism, sexist and a pretty awful watch. The scene where Nolte is smashing Murphy in the face, no words. Fail.

  17. Luca Soldati's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Ottima opera che entusiasma grazie allo stile e all'ottimo ritmo. La trama è semplice, ma è funzionale per molte trovate narrative di qualità. La coppia di protagonisti è ben assortita e le situazioni in cui si trovano divertono e appassionano. Il ritmo è altissimo e le scene d'azione sono dirette magistralmente da Hill, grazie al suo ottimo stile. Tutte queste componenti vanno a comporre un film che ha fatto scuola.

  18. Log Lady's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Drags a little, but at the same time avoids the clichés of constant shooting and one-dimensional action scenes. A decent buddy flick, but which doesn't overdo the buddy thing. More realistic and tough than, say, Lethal Weapons. The 80s cityscapes are to die for!

  19. Michael Harbour's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    This seminal interracial buddy action movie predates the recent proclivity for a non-stop flood of repartee, instead balancing action and comedy and even leaving a little room room for the characters to pause and breath. Other than the often parodied police Captain, it's a much more natural feeling movie than the many that followed.

  20. el.'s rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    a pretty damn good and entertaining cop/partnership film!

  21. Palmat's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    A fun ride although the writing is a bit uneven and the tone veers a bit from side to side. Nolte and Murphy are perfect in their roles and have some good chemistry between them. James Horner's score is really sweet though.

  22. Polyglot's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    ''Lack of pussy makes you brave, man!''

  23. film_lies101's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    Carries an underlying tension and menace that is missing from most buddy cop films

  24. mjgildea's rating of the film 48 Hrs.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how 48 Hrs. was more like a grindhouse noir movie than the ridiculously obnoxious buddy-cop movie I was always lead to believe it actually was. Nolte and Murphy work very well together while the latter is funny without being comical. The redneck bar scene made up for the unbelievability of Nolte's incompetence. A fun movie that is what it is.

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