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  1. Photo of Phil Karlson

    Phil Karlson Director

  2. Photo of John Barnwell

    John Barnwell Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Helen Ainsworth

    Helen Ainsworth Producer

  4. Photo of Stirling Silliphant

    Stirling Silliphant Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of William Bowers

    William Bowers Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jack Finney

    Jack Finney Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lester White

    Lester White Cinematography

  8. Photo of Guy Madison

    Guy Madison Cast

  9. Photo of Kim Novak

    Kim Novak Cast

  10. Photo of Brian Keith

    Brian Keith Cast

  11. Photo of Alvy Moore

    Alvy Moore Cast

  12. Photo of Kerwin Mathews

    Kerwin Mathews Cast

  13. Photo of William Conrad

    William Conrad Cast

  14. Photo of Jack Dimond

    Jack Dimond Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Willes

    Jean Willes Cast

  16. Photo of Jerome Thoms

    Jerome Thoms Editing

  17. Photo of George Duning

    George Duning Music

  18. Photo of Harry Smith

    Harry Smith Sound

  19. Photo of Jean Louis

    Jean Louis Costume Design