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  1. shane_b's rating of the film 5x2

  2. ig_____or's rating of the film 5x2

    Here's what I like about Ozon: even his less memorable films are always nice to watch and never a bore. Telling this failed love story backwards and restraining it to only 5 episodes was a smart move that made the film less banale. Great duo of leading actors, the soundtrack was fabulous and all the unseen and untold stories just made me admire the director's confidence more. The sunset was a bittersweet goodbye.

  3. Beadigital's rating of the film 5x2

    banale liebesgeschichte, uninteressant und irrelevant - insgesamt für einen ozon sehr sehr enttäuschend. mir sinds außerdem zu viele gendertypische klischees (devote frau, dominanter mann etc.). oder ist das jetzt "typisch französich"?! bruni-tedeschi nervt jedenfalls hart. was ich ebensowenig nachvollziehen konnte ist, was die zwei aneinander finden... aber gut, das ist ja widerum so wie im echten leben auch...

  4. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film 5x2

    We don't know much: why they fell in love, how their marriage progressed, why they split. Even though their marriage is under a microscope, all of it remains too vage. Besides, their is a huge distance among them and also towards the audience. That makes the protagonists unsympathic. All in all disappointing. 2,5 stars.

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film 5x2

    Interesting at first glance but so vain and pointless if you scrub a little. See it for Valeria Bruni's performance only. Already forgotten, I'm afraid.

  6. JJ Viau's rating of the film 5x2

    ok-ish...definitely not the best from Mr Ozon

  7. AVA's rating of the film 5x2

    Das Porträt des ewigen Jägers.

  8. Epinephrin's rating of the film 5x2

    What I liked : the idea, the main characters in particular Tedeschi, THE SOUNDTRACK (Paolo Conte, Luigi Tenco), the atmosphere (choose wisely when you watch this film, not like I did, in the middle of the day, constantly having to do stuff). What I didnt like : the whole sex stuff, which in my opinion was exaggerated and unnecessary. But hey, french film. It had to be.

  9. Balthaz21's rating of the film 5x2

  10. Wee Hunk's rating of the film 5x2

    The obvious comparisons are 'Betrayal' by Pinter and 'Irreversible' by Noe. Most extreme goes to Noe, though the brutality in '5x2' is much more personal. Pinter is such a gifted writer that he doesn't have to have his characters resort to physical violence. The violence is in the dialogue. These 3 all have that somewhat sickly sweet endings/beginnings that we'd love to remain in. But life moves on.

  11. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film 5x2

  12. bitterMoo's rating of the film 5x2

  13. Vassilis Tsitsopoulos's rating of the film 5x2

    This is actually a feminist film of sorts! It dares to represent male cowardice and cognitive-emotional distancing towards women as an ethical problem. Quite remarkable, actually.

  14. Samuel Donath's rating of the film 5x2

    Not a bad Ozon film. Interesting play on structure.

  15. Charles Coleman's rating of the film 5x2

    Tough film at times but such is life. Beautiful film.

  16. raggiodisole's rating of the film 5x2

    Pure focus, incredibly engaging, a reminder of the fascinations and intrigues of a relationship

  17. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film 5x2

    Subtle, sad but honest. No fairytales here.

  18. Huw Morgan's rating of the film 5x2

    Interesting idea but I'm left struggling to grasp what the point was really. Maybe that's a dent in my intelligence but it seems like an unrealistically doomed love. Still, well acted, couple of unexpected turns. Could be a lot worse.

  19. Dan Wagstaffe's rating of the film 5x2

    This is a beautiful, sad film which highlights the potential and destructive power of love.

  20. Tando's rating of the film 5x2

    An odd and yet beautiful film. Strangely, I enjoyed the cold and somewhat sterile air some scenes and the movie had. I very much enjoyed the subtle nuances.

  21. suburbsofcinema's rating of the film 5x2

  22. Richmond Hill's rating of the film 5x2

    A more engaging use of the reverse narrative structure previously employed in Noe's Irreversible, with fall again preceding decline. A tad cold and obvious but nevertheless a decent example of the French talking-heads mode of middle class cinema with enough home truths between the cool exposition to make this generally satisfying viewing. A pair of well judged performances from the leads help lead the conviction.

  23. kopfkompass's rating of the film 5x2

    Famos fotografiert, famos erzählt. Dass sich Geschlechtsverkehr für Frauen aber wie immer eine Vergewaltigung anfühlen muss, damit der Mann so richtig abgehen kann, hat mich sehr wütend gemacht.

  24. pivic's rating of the film 5x2

    Despite the fact that I enjoy how Ozon creates more questions than provides answers throughout this film, it's still too simple and quite dull. I needed more fodder and sadly this film didn't provide. I've seen three other Ozon films, and they've all been better than this.

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