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  1. Photo of Tana Schembori

    Tana Schembori Director, Producer Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Liza Cristaldo

    Liza Cristaldo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Darío Alegre

    Darío Alegre Cast

  4. Photo of José Alegre

    José Alegre Cast

  5. Photo of Denis Amarilla

    Denis Amarilla Cast

  6. Photo of Arturo Arellano

    Arturo Arellano Cast

  7. Photo of Pedro Armoa

    Pedro Armoa Cast

  8. Photo of Beto Ayala

    Beto Ayala Cast

  9. Photo of Roberto Cardozo

    Roberto Cardozo Cast

  10. Photo of Hugo Cataldo

    Hugo Cataldo Cast

  11. Photo of Luz Chaparro

    Luz Chaparro Cast

  12. Photo of Atil Closs

    Atil Closs Cast

  13. Photo of Darío

    Darío Cast

  14. Photo of Luis Collar

    Luis Collar Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Rocío Galiano

    Rocío Galiano Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Camilo Guanes

    Camilo Guanes Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Jorge Moreno

    Jorge Moreno Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Maria Victoria Ramirez Jou

    Maria Victoria Ramirez Jou Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Fran Villalba

    Fran Villalba Music

  20. Photo of Richard Careaga

    Richard Careaga Cinematography

  21. Photo of Pablo Meilicke

    Pablo Meilicke Cinematography

  22. Photo of Martín Oddone

    Martín Oddone Cinematography

  23. Photo of Juan Carlos Maneglia

    Juan Carlos Maneglia Editing, Director Screenplay

  24. Photo of Juan Sebastián Zelada

    Juan Sebastián Zelada Editing

  25. Photo of Germán Acevedo

    Germán Acevedo Sound

  26. Photo of Sakyo Hiraiwa

    Sakyo Hiraiwa Sound