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  1. Photo of Joseph Kuo

    Joseph Kuo Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ching Kang Yao

    Ching Kang Yao Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wu Kuo-Ren

    Wu Kuo-Ren Cinematography

  4. Photo of Fu Liang Chou

    Fu Liang Chou Music

  5. Photo of Li Yi-min

    Li Yi-min Cast

  6. Photo of Jack Long

    Jack Long Cast

  7. Photo of Mark Long

    Mark Long Cast

  8. Photo of Nancy Yen

    Nancy Yen Cast

  9. Photo of Chao Chung-Hsing

    Chao Chung-Hsing Cast

  10. Photo of Chin Hai Chen

    Chin Hai Chen Cast

  11. Photo of Chen Chiu

    Chen Chiu Cast

  12. Photo of Ching Feng Chiang

    Ching Feng Chiang Cast

  13. Photo of Yuet Sang Chin

    Yuet Sang Chin Cast

  14. Photo of Alan Chui Chung San

    Alan Chui Chung San Cast

  15. Photo of Wang Hsiao

    Wang Hsiao Cast

  16. Photo of Hu Kuang

    Hu Kuang Cast

  17. Photo of Fei Lung

    Fei Lung Cast

  18. Photo of Chin Ku Ma

    Chin Ku Ma Cast

  19. Photo of Mao Ching-Shun

    Mao Ching-Shun Cast

  20. Photo of Wang Fan

    Wang Fan Cast

  21. Photo of Corey Yuen

    Corey Yuen Cast