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  1. Photo of Ezel Akay

    Ezel Akay Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Sami Dündar

    Sami Dündar Producer

  3. Photo of Gürsel Korat

    Gürsel Korat Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hayk Kirakosyan

    Hayk Kirakosyan Cinematography

  5. Photo of Nurgül Yeşilçay

    Nurgül Yeşilçay Cast

  6. Photo of Gülse Birsel

    Gülse Birsel Cast

  7. Photo of Haluk Bilginer

    Haluk Bilginer Cast

  8. Photo of Erkan Can

    Erkan Can Cast

  9. Photo of Memet Ali Alabora

    Memet Ali Alabora Cast

  10. Photo of Sarp Apak

    Sarp Apak Cast

  11. Photo of Cengiz Küçükayvaz

    Cengiz Küçükayvaz Cast

  12. Photo of Öner Erkan

    Öner Erkan Cast

  13. Photo of Cem Karakaya

    Cem Karakaya Cast

  14. Photo of Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk

    Pınar Çağlar Gençtürk Cast

  15. Photo of Müjdat Gezen

    Müjdat Gezen Cast

  16. Photo of Halit Akçatepe

    Halit Akçatepe Cast

  17. Photo of Erol Günaydın

    Erol Günaydın Cast

  18. Photo of Zihni Göktay

    Zihni Göktay Cast

  19. Photo of Mustafa Preşeva

    Mustafa Preşeva Editing

  20. Photo of Ender Akay

    Ender Akay Music

  21. Photo of Sunay Özgür

    Sunay Özgür Music