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  1. Photo of Michael Haneke

    Michael Haneke Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Klaus Händl

    Klaus Händl Cast

  3. Photo of Gabriel Cosmin Urdes

    Gabriel Cosmin Urdes Cast

  4. Photo of Lukas Miko

    Lukas Miko Cast

  5. Photo of Otto Grünmandl

    Otto Grünmandl Cast

  6. Photo of Anne Bennent

    Anne Bennent Cast

  7. Photo of Udo Samel

    Udo Samel Cast

  8. Photo of Branko Samarovski

    Branko Samarovski Cast

  9. Photo of Claudia Martini

    Claudia Martini Cast

  10. Photo of Georg Friedrich

    Georg Friedrich Cast

  11. Photo of Klaus Händel

    Klaus Händel Cast

  12. Photo of Alexander Pschill

    Alexander Pschill Cast

  13. Photo of Corina Eder

    Corina Eder Cast

  14. Photo of Dorothee Hartinger

    Dorothee Hartinger Cast

  15. Photo of Christian Berger

    Christian Berger Cinematography

  16. Photo of Christoph Kanter

    Christoph Kanter Production Design

  17. Photo of Willi Segler

    Willi Segler Producer and Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Marie Homolkova

    Marie Homolkova Editing

  19. Photo of Marc Parisotto

    Marc Parisotto Sound