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  1. Photo of Hal Ashby

    Hal Ashby Director

  2. Photo of James Newton Howard

    James Newton Howard Music

  3. Photo of Stephen H. Burum

    Stephen H. Burum Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jeff Bridges

    Jeff Bridges Cast

  5. Photo of Rosanna Arquette

    Rosanna Arquette Cast

  6. Photo of Alexandra Paul

    Alexandra Paul Cast

  7. Photo of Randy Brooks

    Randy Brooks Cast

  8. Photo of Andy Garcia

    Andy Garcia Cast

  9. Photo of Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone Screenplay

  10. Photo of Lawrence Block

    Lawrence Block Novel

  11. Photo of David Lee Henry

    David Lee Henry Screenplay

  12. Photo of Robert Towne

    Robert Towne Screenplay

  13. Photo of Mark Damon

    Mark Damon Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Stephen J. Roth

    Stephen J. Roth Producer

  15. Photo of Robert Lawrence

    Robert Lawrence Editing

  16. Photo of Stuart H. Pappé

    Stuart H. Pappé Editing

  17. Photo of Michael D. Haller

    Michael D. Haller Production Design

  18. Photo of Lisa Sloan

    Lisa Sloan Cast

  19. Photo of Vance Valencia

    Vance Valencia Cast

  20. Photo of Wilfredo Hernández

    Wilfredo Hernández Cast

  21. Photo of Luisa Leschin

    Luisa Leschin Cast

  22. Photo of Vyto Ruginis

    Vyto Ruginis Cast

  23. Photo of Henry O. Arnold

    Henry O. Arnold Cast

  24. Photo of James Avery

    James Avery Cast

  25. Photo of Zoaunne LeRoy

    Zoaunne LeRoy Cast

  26. Photo of Tommy 'Tiny' Lister

    Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Cast

  27. Photo of William Marquez

    William Marquez Cast

  28. Photo of Fred Asparagus

    Fred Asparagus Cast

  29. Photo of Robb Madrid

    Robb Madrid Cast

  30. Photo of John W. Hyde

    John W. Hyde Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Charles Mulvehill

    Charles Mulvehill Producer

  32. Photo of Mark W. Mansbridge

    Mark W. Mansbridge Art Department

  33. Photo of Barbara Krieger

    Barbara Krieger Art Department

  34. Photo of John T. Walker

    John T. Walker Art Department

  35. Photo of Gloria Gresham

    Gloria Gresham Costume Design

  36. Photo of Phil Cory

    Phil Cory Special Effects

  37. Photo of Thomas R. Ward

    Thomas R. Ward Special Effects

  38. Photo of John Hughes

    John Hughes Special Effects