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  1. Richard Tines's rating of the film 88:88

    (interior hygiene mission pt. your attentional (a portmanteau of intentional and attention) patterns sagely)

  2. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film 88:88

    Does the audience which 88:88 seems designed to attract actually have the attention span to watch it? There are so many directorial decisions which abrade, confuse and distort, when the theme seems to beg for just the opposite, but I like the hyper/multi/congeries/color-seared bad poetry of it all. Beats most contemporary good poetry.

  3. Edgard Mok's rating of the film 88:88

    Very creative but sometimes heavy.

  4. Sin título.'s rating of the film 88:88

    Un ejercicio narcisista de meditación errante donde las contradicciones discursivas se vuelven una representación fiel de los problemas de identidad en la adolescencia tardía. Pesa más el error como valor para el análisis que las reflexiones superficiales de Isiah Medina.

  5. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film 88:88

    I get it, but it makes me wish I had invested in Ritalin stock years ago...wouldn't have to worry about money today...

  6. Diego Uvence's rating of the film 88:88

    Epileptic. Neurotic. Unbearable experiment.

  7. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film 88:88

    avant-garde schmavent-garde ; with sincerity nuggets; would check out more by Medina

  8. charlotte suq's rating of the film 88:88

    ne pas vraiment tenir compte de la note. je l'avoue.. je n'ai pas regardé jusqu'à la fin, j'ai peut être raté une expérience interessante. c'était plutôt séduisant, mais je reste perplexe. cela aura quand même eu le mérite de me questionner sur l'état actuel du cinéma expérimental, ses limites et sa visibilité. à suivre

  9. Katherine Lo's rating of the film 88:88

    Youthful, emotional, even quite intense sometimes. Very well-composed with exciting visuals. The noises and overlapping audios almost made me concentrate and listen better. Cleverly thought out and put together. I feel like there isn't really anything to "get", it's not about the details, it's more the experience.

  10. Uriel Isaac Palma Torres's rating of the film 88:88

    It's a great job, the collage of subjectivity on images and the composition of sounds and silence is poetic, the rhythm is constant and re-echo with a personal diary.

  11. naokoken's rating of the film 88:88

    "I have a sneaking suspicion that this film does not exist," says Stan Brakhage to William Burroughts who mumbles "Destroy all rational thought."

  12. Crina Bucur's rating of the film 88:88

  13. Ryan's rating of the film 88:88

    I'll be honest, I couldn't pull the threads together. I enjoyed the longer, more personal segments, but I don't think the film generated much sympathy. The philosophical and pseudo-mathematical talk was nonsensical, something that feels deep until you listen to the words. It's important to recognize how hard it is to be poor, but without context or an adequate hook, it feels forced and unrealistic.

  14. Timmy93's rating of the film 88:88

    Immediately reminded me of "Goodbye to Language" and also reminded how better that one is. Very bad imitator. That film has meaning, this one is total nonsense.

  15. Martin Jensen's rating of the film 88:88

  16. Richard Capener's rating of the film 88:88

    A collage of personal narratives in the tradition of Jonas Mekas and Stan Brakhage. Not everyone's cup of tea but needs to be watched for what it is, and the cinematic history it is a part of.

  17. slugmore's rating of the film 88:88

    pretty intense. really loved this, especially how it kept the audience at a level; there’s both distanciation and intimacy, with some beautiful fades that linger & showcase the essence in objects. the monologue of the guy choking up at his memory of the family at the park is life.

  18. Skitchen's rating of the film 88:88

    We are forced upon a grid by an oppressive economic system, but cinema is free.

  19. Stefan Gardovic's rating of the film 88:88

    I don't mind weird and experimental but this just felt like it was weird for the sake of being weird and not so much experimental as thrown together randomly. I guess there can be some beauty in that, but not in this film.

  20. super-kick's rating of the film 88:88

    Don't get it at all. Just 65 minutes of mashed up nonsense. Its what you would get if you asked a room full of monkeys to edit your film for you.

  21. Monkey Flix's rating of the film 88:88

    Why isn't zero stars an option here?

  22. John Leeves's rating of the film 88:88

    88:88 belongs in a exhibition space, as by design it should be consumed fleetingly. The stylistic approach doesn't congeal with a sit down watch. You learn just as much in 30 seconds as you do the duration. Aside from a misplaced platform, there is little substance. Upon hearing a certain recording of (un)inspired teens wax philosophical, the spine is broken and my attention was at last turned away.

  23. pja's rating of the film 88:88

    I feel on the verge of making a connection between the idea/concept of suspension and this film but I just don't know how to reach it. Seems like only meaningless (but not quite empty) 'surface'. Maybe subversive if attn paid to the words filmed and spoken? Mubi desc -"[it] explores the challenge and beauty of living in and thinking through our world."- I agree but feel like it's an exploration without any discovery.

  24. Matt Kovar's rating of the film 88:88

    I'm so glad I watched this movie. At first I gave it five minutes, then twenty minutes later I found myself hooked. By the end I was excited to see what was to be the last frame of 88:88

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