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  1. Photo of Rudy Soedjarwo

    Rudy Soedjarwo Director

  2. Photo of Monty Tiwa

    Monty Tiwa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Donny Alamsyah

    Donny Alamsyah Cast

  4. Photo of Fauzi Baadila

    Fauzi Baadila Cast

  5. Photo of Dorman Borisman

    Dorman Borisman Cast

  6. Photo of Ajeng Sardi

    Ajeng Sardi Cast

  7. Photo of Lukman Sardi

    Lukman Sardi Cast

  8. Photo of Andi Rianto

    Andi Rianto Music

  9. Photo of Krishto D. Alam

    Krishto D. Alam Producer and Editing