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  1. Photo of Aksel Hennie

    Aksel Hennie Cast and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Pia Tjelta

    Pia Tjelta Cast

  3. Photo of Bjørn Floberg

    Bjørn Floberg Cast

  4. Photo of Mads Ousdal

    Mads Ousdal Cast

  5. Photo of Kaia Varjord

    Kaia Varjord Cast

  6. Photo of Annmari Kastrup

    Annmari Kastrup Cast

  7. Photo of Fred Heggland

    Fred Heggland Cast

  8. Photo of Harald Gunnar Paalgard

    Harald Gunnar Paalgard Cinematography

  9. Photo of Henrik Skram

    Henrik Skram Music

  10. Photo of Nina Bjerch Andresen

    Nina Bjerch Andresen Production Design

  11. Photo of Håkon Øverås

    Håkon Øverås Producer and Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Lars Andreas Hellebust

    Lars Andreas Hellebust Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Marius Holst

    Marius Holst Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Karin Julsrud

    Karin Julsrud Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Eva Sørhaug

    Eva Sørhaug Executive Producer, Director Screenplay

  16. Photo of Turid Øversveen

    Turid Øversveen Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Vidar Flataukan

    Vidar Flataukan Editing