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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dries's rating of the film 90 Minutes

    Ma in norvegia fanno anche film decenti?

  2. Bruno Calgaro Sandi's rating of the film 90 Minutes

    Painful and challenging to watch...but really it is in your face about misogyny and violence against women that should never be ignored.

  3. Julija Kotelnikova's rating of the film 90 Minutes

    I would say this film is a result of a great artistic work, but it is full of violence. I wouldn`t recommend it to a wide audience to watch ..

  4. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film 90 Minutes

    A depressing and feeble analysis of three disturbing minds. Review and Rating:

  5. msmichel's rating of the film 90 Minutes

    TIFF '12 Brutal, empty and nihilistic second feature from Eva Sorhaug that dresses up misogny and brutality in an artful but pointless fashion. The idea that one doesn't know the secrets behind people's closed doors when just seeing them as part of the crowd is not a new conceit. But to wallow in the self pity and brutality on display here is just obscene. Total miss.

  6. John H. Nomedal's rating of the film 90 Minutes

    90 minutes of bullshit! I really don't care about anybody in this film, no humour, no hope, unresolved and non escalating conflicts, overuse of music to make the scenes more 'important',visually messy, one dimensional characters with a goddamn stillborn ending that doesn't leave much for a one star why a one star rating? So that people that see my profile will get this message! ...What a waste...