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  1. Photo of Agustí Villaronga

    Agustí Villaronga Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lourdes Iglesias

    Lourdes Iglesias Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jesús Regueira

    Jesús Regueira Screenplay

  4. Photo of María Barranco

    María Barranco Cast

  5. Photo of Terele Pávez

    Terele Pávez Cast

  6. Photo of Ruth Gabriel

    Ruth Gabriel Cast

  7. Photo of Ángel de Andrés López

    Ángel de Andrés López Cast

  8. Photo of Gustavo Salmerón

    Gustavo Salmerón Cast

  9. Photo of Juan Márquez

    Juan Márquez Cast

  10. Photo of Simón Andreu

    Simón Andreu Cast

  11. Photo of Pedro Mari Sánchez

    Pedro Mari Sánchez Cast

  12. Photo of Miguel Picazo

    Miguel Picazo Cast

  13. Photo of Maite Brik

    Maite Brik Cast

  14. Photo of Jordi Canals

    Jordi Canals Cast

  15. Photo of Javier Aguirresarobe

    Javier Aguirresarobe Cinematography

  16. Photo of Javier Navarrete

    Javier Navarrete Music

  17. Photo of Francesc Candini

    Francesc Candini Production Design

  18. Photo of Antonio Guillén Rey

    Antonio Guillén Rey Producer

  19. Photo of Marta Murube

    Marta Murube Producer

  20. Photo of Antonio Cardenal

    Antonio Cardenal Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Pablo Blanco

    Pablo Blanco Editing

  22. Photo of Alfonso Pino

    Alfonso Pino Sound