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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Carl Jordan Ordonez's rating of the film A Bad Son

    This film pulled me into the meta awareness of cinema as a 'screen-play'. The blocking, cinematography, and overall art direction established a simple architecture. With a wholesome cast and performance, the intensity never became overbearing, or too self fulfilling. Tense scene's like good-bye's or arguments never lingered too long as--just as in life-- the film moves on without letting you hold on too firmly.

  2. zubee's rating of the film A Bad Son

    Sad that the actor who played Bruno killed himself two years later. Wonder why.

  3. Loz Loory's rating of the film A Bad Son

    Exceptionally moving. Appreciated that the plot did not feel contrived. We simply watch the characters live their lives of quiet desperation, and see how they respond to their own demons and the demons of others. Patrick Dewaere is perfect in the role of a sensitive, thoughtful man--far from the "social cancer" his bitter father calls him. Jacques Dufilho is wonderful as Dussart: frustrated yet caring and generous.

  4. Katya Kazbek's rating of the film A Bad Son

    Very solid subtle drama about inner struggle and substance abuse. Really good takes on the impenetrable society structures and the subdued marginalization that happens all over. Patrick Dewaere is remarkable, what a loss that he died young. And Dussart's monologue by Jacques Dufilho was exceptional, such a deserved Cesar win.

  5. Declan Bond's rating of the film A Bad Son

    Incredible depiction of the state of the family in modernity. Fantastic performances by all. Terribly sad.

  6. The Society of Malcontents's rating of the film A Bad Son

    prison—hospital—factory—school—family; every aspect of life has been so thoroughly bureaucratized to the point where we can no longer distinguish between institutions.

  7. El Biffo's rating of the film A Bad Son

    What's the opposite of "pretentious"? I could totally relate to the characters in this. It touched my heart.

  8. Nick Gaetano's rating of the film A Bad Son

    my favorite Sautet film so far_maybe because there aren't any stars to ham it up_Patrick is great as Bruno_i love Brigitte _a beautiful bit of romance_Jacques & Daniel are a welcome addition

  9. FISCHER's rating of the film A Bad Son

    Une oeuvre moyenne, honnête de Claude Sautet qui se regarde sans déplaisir...

  10. David Grillo's rating of the film A Bad Son

    A man just out of prison goes out to find a place in society he struggles to connect with his father, searches for work and purpose and finds love. Drug addiction is treated as a revolving door as an aside to life and freedom. This to me is a true film about freedom. After years go buy the man has learned the virtues of a hard life.

  11. myasz's rating of the film A Bad Son

    C'est Paris, la drogue, la vie, le père... Un chef d'œuvre.