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  1. Photo of Patrick Kong

    Patrick Kong Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Simon Yam

    Simon Yam Cast

  3. Photo of Carina Lau

    Carina Lau Cast

  4. Photo of Michelle Wai

    Michelle Wai Cast

  5. Photo of Joey Yung

    Joey Yung Cast

  6. Photo of Ivana Wong

    Ivana Wong Cast

  7. Photo of Philip Keung

    Philip Keung Cast

  8. Photo of Bob Lam

    Bob Lam Cast

  9. Photo of Alex Fong

    Alex Fong Cast

  10. Photo of Stephy Tang

    Stephy Tang Cast

  11. Photo of Nancy Sit

    Nancy Sit Cast

  12. Photo of Paw Hee-ching

    Paw Hee-ching Cast

  13. Photo of Louis Yuen

    Louis Yuen Cast

  14. Photo of Tyson Chak

    Tyson Chak Cast

  15. Photo of Cecilia So

    Cecilia So Cast

  16. Photo of Law Lan

    Law Lan Cast

  17. Photo of Lo Hoi-Pang

    Lo Hoi-Pang Cast

  18. Photo of Simon Lui

    Simon Lui Cast

  19. Photo of Sherman Chung

    Sherman Chung Cast

  20. Photo of Kong Lau

    Kong Lau Cast

  21. Photo of Chun Wong

    Chun Wong Cast

  22. Photo of Jim Chim

    Jim Chim Cast

  23. Photo of Crystal Cheung

    Crystal Cheung Cast

  24. Photo of Bryant Mak

    Bryant Mak Cast

  25. Photo of Gregory Charles Rivers

    Gregory Charles Rivers Cast

  26. Photo of Patrick Dunn

    Patrick Dunn Cast

  27. Photo of Tse Kwan-Ho

    Tse Kwan-Ho Cast

  28. Photo of Susan Yam-Yam Shaw

    Susan Yam-Yam Shaw Cast

  29. Photo of J. Arie

    J. Arie Cast