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  1. Photo of Norman Taurog

    Norman Taurog Director

  2. Photo of Emanuel Cohen

    Emanuel Cohen Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ernest Cohen

    Ernest Cohen Producer

  4. Photo of Roy Horniman

    Roy Horniman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Benjamin Glazer

    Benjamin Glazer Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nunnally Johnson

    Nunnally Johnson Screenplay

  7. Photo of Waldemar Young

    Waldemar Young Screenplay

  8. Photo of Charles Lang

    Charles Lang Cinematography

  9. Photo of Maurice Chevalier

    Maurice Chevalier Cast

  10. Photo of Helen Twelvetrees

    Helen Twelvetrees Cast

  11. Photo of Edward Everett Horton

    Edward Everett Horton Cast

  12. Photo of Adrienne Ames

    Adrienne Ames Cast

  13. Photo of Baby LeRoy

    Baby LeRoy Cast

  14. Photo of Earle Foxe

    Earle Foxe Cast

  15. Photo of Leah Ray

    Leah Ray Cast

  16. Photo of Betty Lorraine

    Betty Lorraine Cast

  17. Photo of Gertrude Michael

    Gertrude Michael Cast

  18. Photo of Ernest Wood

    Ernest Wood Cast

  19. Photo of Reginald Mason

    Reginald Mason Cast

  20. Photo of Henry Kolker

    Henry Kolker Cast

  21. Photo of George MacQuarrie

    George MacQuarrie Cast

  22. Photo of Paul Panzer

    Paul Panzer Cast

  23. Photo of Frank Reicher

    Frank Reicher Cast

  24. Photo of George Barier

    George Barier Cast

  25. Photo of Dennis O'Keefe

    Dennis O'Keefe Cast

  26. Photo of Otho Lovering

    Otho Lovering Editing

  27. Photo of Ralph Rainger

    Ralph Rainger Music