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Ratings & Reviews

  1. saitosouta's rating of the film A Blast

    Trecut boisteros plin de nădejde, prezent pavoazat cu birocrație și falimentar corupător, sexuri vijelioase ca contrastare de dragoste și tsunami. Multe elemente întrețesut violent de către montaj dârz, un suflu zguduitor s-a întâmplat. Este filmul mai puternic eminamente din "ciudat val grecesc" // 希望に満ちた狂騒の過去、財政崩壊と官僚主義に彩られた現在、愛と津波が衝突するような激しいセックス、様々な要素が噴出する生命力によって暴力的に織り込まれた末、激発する爆風の凄まじさ。"ギリシャの奇妙な波"においても随一の強烈さを誇る1作。

  2. Pedja's rating of the film A Blast

    After SUNTAN, CHEVALIER, KYNODONTAS, another weird and HOT stuff from Greece!

  3. Dries's rating of the film A Blast

    Ammetto di non aver capito alcuni dialoghi ,non avendolo visto in italiano ,ma lascia comunque una sensazione di film irrisolto e fine a se stesso

  4. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film A Blast

    what a mess, yay for being greek and (at least the editing was) weird

  5. Dada Kubin's rating of the film A Blast

    "A Blast" morphs the Greek crisis into a picture of a troubled family going off the edge. The idea's good but the execution is lacking. There's a discrepancy between the exaggerated acting and dialogue and the overall atmosphere which isn't freaky enough to justify the extremities. The director works a lot with juxtapositions, and sometimes they work (as in sex/violence) but the result is still a messy collage.

  6. Nina's rating of the film A Blast

    3.5; The other side of the coin. Hope, this provided an idea of what many Greek families are going through right now.