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  1. Photo of Alexander Mackendrick

    Alexander Mackendrick Director

  2. Photo of Denis Cannan

    Denis Cannan Screenplay

  3. Photo of W.H. Canaway

    W.H. Canaway Screenplay

  4. Photo of Edward G. Robinson

    Edward G. Robinson Cast

  5. Photo of Fergus McClelland

    Fergus McClelland Cast

  6. Photo of Constance Cummings

    Constance Cummings Cast

  7. Photo of Harry H. Corbett

    Harry H. Corbett Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Stassino

    Paul Stassino Cast

  9. Photo of Zia Mohyeddin

    Zia Mohyeddin Cast

  10. Photo of Orlando Martins

    Orlando Martins Cast

  11. Photo of John Turner

    John Turner Cast

  12. Photo of Zena Walker

    Zena Walker Cast

  13. Photo of Jack Gwillim

    Jack Gwillim Cast

  14. Photo of Patricia Donahue

    Patricia Donahue Cast

  15. Photo of Jared Allen

    Jared Allen Cast

  16. Photo of Guy Deghy

    Guy Deghy Cast

  17. Photo of Marne Maitland

    Marne Maitland Cast

  18. Photo of Steven Scott

    Steven Scott Cast

  19. Photo of Frederick Schiller

    Frederick Schiller Cast

  20. Photo of Erwin Hillier

    Erwin Hillier Cinematography

  21. Photo of Muir Mathiesen

    Muir Mathiesen Music

  22. Photo of Phillip Shipway

    Phillip Shipway Production Design

  23. Photo of Hal Mason

    Hal Mason Producer

  24. Photo of Jack Harris

    Jack Harris Editing

  25. Photo of H.L. Bird

    H.L. Bird Sound

  26. Photo of Ernie Farrer

    Ernie Farrer Costume Design