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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Dalibor's rating of the film A Brief Excursion

    Cattle roaming the country streets. Vacant stone houses. Hipsters squatting medieval towns. Blinding sunlight. And just constant mind-numbing sound of crickets. Mediterranean summer time blues! What's missing, sadly, is deeper characterization, as protagonists look more like drunks giving up rather than youth finding their purpose like it was the case in Ċ oljan's book. A result of a peanuts for budget, I presume.

  2. el.'s rating of the film A Brief Excursion

    This manages very nicely to show how a movie would look if a semi contemplative bunch of ego enthusiasts made it. Oh, wait... Anyhow, I fail to find a way to compliment this adaptation (its dramatization and directing solutions) as it has been passed on to me.

  3. Leah Shaw's rating of the film A Brief Excursion

    My review on