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  1. Photo of Edward Yang

    Edward Yang Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hung Hung

    Hung Hung Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lai Mingtang

    Lai Mingtang Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alex Yang

    Alex Yang Screenplay

  5. Photo of Chang Chen

    Chang Chen Cast

  6. Photo of Lisa Yang

    Lisa Yang Cast

  7. Photo of Zhang Guozhu

    Zhang Guozhu Cast

  8. Photo of Elaine Jin

    Elaine Jin Cast

  9. Photo of Wang Juan

    Wang Juan Cast

  10. Photo of Chang Han

    Chang Han Cast

  11. Photo of Chiang Hsiu-Chiung

    Chiang Hsiu-Chiung Cast

  12. Photo of Lai Fanyun

    Lai Fanyun Cast

  13. Photo of Wong Chi Zan

    Wong Chi Zan Cast

  14. Photo of Lawrence Ko

    Lawrence Ko Cast

  15. Photo of Tan Zhigang

    Tan Zhigang Cast

  16. Photo of King Shih-Chieh

    King Shih-Chieh Cast

  17. Photo of Hui Kung Chang

    Hui Kung Chang Cinematography

  18. Photo of Zhang Longyu

    Zhang Longyu Cinematography

  19. Photo of Hongda Zhang

    Hongda Zhang Music

  20. Photo of Yu Weiyan

    Yu Weiyan Production Design

  21. Photo of Yu Wei-yen

    Yu Wei-yen Producer

  22. Photo of Zhan Hongzhi

    Zhan Hongzhi Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Chen Po-wen

    Chen Po-wen Editing

  24. Photo of Tu Du-Che

    Tu Du-Che Sound

  25. Photo of Yang Ching-an

    Yang Ching-an Sound