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  1. Photo of Robert Michael Lewis

    Robert Michael Lewis Director

  2. Photo of Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sue Grafton

    Sue Grafton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Helen Hayes

    Helen Hayes Cast

  5. Photo of Barnard Hughes

    Barnard Hughes Cast

  6. Photo of Jameson Parker

    Jameson Parker Cast

  7. Photo of Season Hubley

    Season Hubley Cast

  8. Photo of Swoosie Kurtz

    Swoosie Kurtz Cast

  9. Photo of Cassie Yates

    Cassie Yates Cast

  10. Photo of Zakes Mokae

    Zakes Mokae Cast

  11. Photo of Stephen Macht

    Stephen Macht Cast

  12. Photo of Beth Howland

    Beth Howland Cast

  13. Photo of Maurice Evans

    Maurice Evans Cast

  14. Photo of Lynne Moody

    Lynne Moody Cast

  15. Photo of George Innes

    George Innes Cast

  16. Photo of Brock Peters

    Brock Peters Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Preston

    Michael Preston Cast

  18. Photo of Santos Morales

    Santos Morales Cast

  19. Photo of Sam Scarber

    Sam Scarber Cast

  20. Photo of Ted Voigtlander

    Ted Voigtlander Cinematography

  21. Photo of Lee Holdridge

    Lee Holdridge Music

  22. Photo of Stan Margulies

    Stan Margulies Producer

  23. Photo of Les Green

    Les Green Editing