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  1. Photo of Jonathan Harr

    Jonathan Harr Screenplay

  2. Photo of John Travolta

    John Travolta Cast

  3. Photo of Robert Duvall

    Robert Duvall Cast

  4. Photo of Tony Shalhoub

    Tony Shalhoub Cast

  5. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Cast

  6. Photo of Željko Ivanek

    Željko Ivanek Cast

  7. Photo of Bruce Norris

    Bruce Norris Cast

  8. Photo of John Lithgow

    John Lithgow Cast

  9. Photo of Kathleen Quinlan

    Kathleen Quinlan Cast

  10. Photo of James Gandolfini

    James Gandolfini Cast

  11. Photo of Sydney Pollack

    Sydney Pollack Cast

  12. Photo of Stephen Fry

    Stephen Fry Cast

  13. Photo of Dan Hedaya

    Dan Hedaya Cast

  14. Photo of Conrad L. Hall

    Conrad L. Hall Cinematography

  15. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  16. Photo of David Gropman

    David Gropman Production Design

  17. Photo of Rachel Pfeffer

    Rachel Pfeffer Producer

  18. Photo of Robert Redford

    Robert Redford Producer

  19. Photo of Scott Rudin

    Scott Rudin Producer

  20. Photo of David Wisnievitz

    David Wisnievitz Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Steven Zaillian

    Steven Zaillian Executive Producer, Screenplay Director

  22. Photo of Wayne Wahrman

    Wayne Wahrman Editing