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  1. Photo of Alberto Sordi

    Alberto Sordi Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Rodolfo Sonego

    Rodolfo Sonego Screenplay

  3. Photo of Cochi Ponzoni

    Cochi Ponzoni Cast

  4. Photo of Florinda Bolkan

    Florinda Bolkan Cast

  5. Photo of Claudia Cardinale

    Claudia Cardinale Cast

  6. Photo of Philippe Noiret

    Philippe Noiret Cast

  7. Photo of Pino Colizzi

    Pino Colizzi Cast

  8. Photo of Rossana Di Lorenzo

    Rossana Di Lorenzo Cast

  9. Photo of Dagmar Lassander

    Dagmar Lassander Cast

  10. Photo of Silvia Dionisio

    Silvia Dionisio Cast

  11. Photo of Giò Stajano

    Giò Stajano Cast

  12. Photo of Armando Brancia

    Armando Brancia Cast

  13. Photo of Giacomo Furia

    Giacomo Furia Cast

  14. Photo of Ugo Gregoretti

    Ugo Gregoretti Cast

  15. Photo of Giulio Cesare Castello

    Giulio Cesare Castello Cast

  16. Photo of Marina Cicogna

    Marina Cicogna Cast

  17. Photo of Gisela Hahn

    Gisela Hahn Cast

  18. Photo of Renzo Marignano

    Renzo Marignano Cast

  19. Photo of Horst Weinert

    Horst Weinert Cast

  20. Photo of Manfred Freyberger

    Manfred Freyberger Cast

  21. Photo of David Warbeck

    David Warbeck Cast

  22. Photo of Franca Scagnetti

    Franca Scagnetti Cast

  23. Photo of Jimmy Il Fenomeno

    Jimmy Il Fenomeno Cast

  24. Photo of Francesco Callari

    Francesco Callari Cast

  25. Photo of Macha Magall

    Macha Magall Cast

  26. Photo of Luigi Kuveiller

    Luigi Kuveiller Cinematography

  27. Photo of Giuseppe Ruzzolini

    Giuseppe Ruzzolini Cinematography

  28. Photo of Piero Piccioni

    Piero Piccioni Music

  29. Photo of Francesco Bronzi

    Francesco Bronzi Production Design

  30. Photo of Piero Poletto

    Piero Poletto Production Design

  31. Photo of Luciano Puccini

    Luciano Puccini Production Design

  32. Photo of Fausto Saraceni

    Fausto Saraceni Producer

  33. Photo of Tatiana Casini Morigi

    Tatiana Casini Morigi Editing