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  1. Photo of Tay Garnett

    Tay Garnett Director

  2. Photo of Edmund Beloin

    Edmund Beloin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mark Twain

    Mark Twain Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bing Crosby

    Bing Crosby Cast

  5. Photo of Rhonda Fleming

    Rhonda Fleming Cast

  6. Photo of Cedric Hardwicke

    Cedric Hardwicke Cast

  7. Photo of William Bendix

    William Bendix Cast

  8. Photo of Murvyn Vye

    Murvyn Vye Cast

  9. Photo of Virginia Field

    Virginia Field Cast

  10. Photo of Joseph Vitale

    Joseph Vitale Cast

  11. Photo of Henry Wilcoxon

    Henry Wilcoxon Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Webb

    Richard Webb Cast

  13. Photo of Alan Napier

    Alan Napier Cast

  14. Photo of Julia Faye

    Julia Faye Cast

  15. Photo of Mary Field

    Mary Field Cast

  16. Photo of Ann Carter

    Ann Carter Cast

  17. Photo of Ray Rennahan

    Ray Rennahan Cinematography

  18. Photo of Victor Young

    Victor Young Music

  19. Photo of Roland Anderson

    Roland Anderson Production Design

  20. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  21. Photo of Albert Nozaki

    Albert Nozaki Production Design

  22. Photo of Robert Fellows

    Robert Fellows Producer

  23. Photo of Archie Marshek

    Archie Marshek Editing