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  1. Photo of Anthony Mann

    Anthony Mann Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Laurence Harvey

    Laurence Harvey Director and Cast

  3. Photo of Derek Marlowe

    Derek Marlowe Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tom Courtenay

    Tom Courtenay Cast

  5. Photo of Liu Miao

    Liu Miao Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Cook

    Peter Cook Cast

  7. Photo of Lionel Stander

    Lionel Stander Cast

  8. Photo of Mia Farrow

    Mia Farrow Cast

  9. Photo of Harry Andrews

    Harry Andrews Cast

  10. Photo of Per Oscarsson

    Per Oscarsson Cast

  11. Photo of Barbara Murray

    Barbara Murray Cast

  12. Photo of John Bird

    John Bird Cast

  13. Photo of Norman Bird

    Norman Bird Cast

  14. Photo of Geoffrey Bayldon

    Geoffrey Bayldon Cast

  15. Photo of Calvin Lockhart

    Calvin Lockhart Cast

  16. Photo of James Cossins

    James Cossins Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Trubshawe

    Michael Trubshawe Cast

  18. Photo of Lockwood West

    Lockwood West Cast

  19. Photo of Geoffrey Lumsden

    Geoffrey Lumsden Cast

  20. Photo of Elspeth March

    Elspeth March Cast

  21. Photo of Richard O'Sullivan

    Richard O'Sullivan Cast

  22. Photo of Mike Pratt

    Mike Pratt Cast

  23. Photo of Monika Dietrich

    Monika Dietrich Cast

  24. Photo of George Murcell

    George Murcell Cast

  25. Photo of Vernon Dobtcheff

    Vernon Dobtcheff Cast

  26. Photo of Stefan Gryff

    Stefan Gryff Cast

  27. Photo of Christopher Challis

    Christopher Challis Cinematography

  28. Photo of Austin Dempster

    Austin Dempster Cinematography

  29. Photo of Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones Music

  30. Photo of Carmen Dillon

    Carmen Dillon Production Design

  31. Photo of Patrick McLoughlin

    Patrick McLoughlin Production Design

  32. Photo of Leslie Gilliat

    Leslie Gilliat Producer

  33. Photo of Thelma Connell

    Thelma Connell Editing