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  1. Photo of Harmon Jones

    Harmon Jones Director

  2. Photo of James Edmiston

    James Edmiston Screenplay

  3. Photo of Oscar Brodney

    Oscar Brodney Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dale Robertson

    Dale Robertson Cast

  5. Photo of Mara Corday

    Mara Corday Cast

  6. Photo of Jock Mahoney

    Jock Mahoney Cast

  7. Photo of Carl Benton Reid

    Carl Benton Reid Cast

  8. Photo of Jan Merlin

    Jan Merlin Cast

  9. Photo of John Dehner

    John Dehner Cast

  10. Photo of Dee Carroll

    Dee Carroll Cast

  11. Photo of Sheila Bromley

    Sheila Bromley Cast

  12. Photo of James Bell

    James Bell Cast

  13. Photo of Dani Crayne

    Dani Crayne Cast

  14. Photo of Howard Wendell

    Howard Wendell Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Cane

    Charles Cane Cast

  16. Photo of Phil Chambers

    Phil Chambers Cast

  17. Photo of Sydney Mason

    Sydney Mason Cast

  18. Photo of Helen Kleeb

    Helen Kleeb Cast

  19. Photo of Ellis W. Carter

    Ellis W. Carter Cinematography

  20. Photo of Irving Gertz

    Irving Gertz Music

  21. Photo of Henry Mancini

    Henry Mancini Music

  22. Photo of Robert Arthur

    Robert Arthur Producer

  23. Photo of Sherman Todd

    Sherman Todd Editing