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  1. Photo of Mikio Naruse

    Mikio Naruse Director

  2. Photo of Yasutaro Yagi

    Yasutaro Yagi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hideko Takamine

    Hideko Takamine Cast

  4. Photo of Susumu Fujita

    Susumu Fujita Cast

  5. Photo of Haruko Sugimura

    Haruko Sugimura Cast

  6. Photo of Nobuo Nakamura

    Nobuo Nakamura Cast

  7. Photo of Ken Mitsuda

    Ken Mitsuda Cast

  8. Photo of Ichirô Sugai

    Ichirô Sugai Cast

  9. Photo of Seiji Miyaguchi

    Seiji Miyaguchi Cast

  10. Photo of Toshiko Yamane

    Toshiko Yamane Cast

  11. Photo of Susumu Tatsuoka

    Susumu Tatsuoka Cast

  12. Photo of Kazuo Yamasaki

    Kazuo Yamasaki Cinematography

  13. Photo of Toshio Yamada

    Toshio Yamada Music

  14. Photo of Teruaki Abe

    Teruaki Abe Production Design

  15. Photo of Nobuyoshi Morita

    Nobuyoshi Morita Producer

  16. Photo of Tsuneo Hazumi

    Tsuneo Hazumi Producer

  17. Photo of Michio Okazaki

    Michio Okazaki Sound