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  1. Photo of Daisuke Itô

    Daisuke Itô Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Denjirô Ôkôchi

    Denjirô Ôkôchi Cast

  3. Photo of Nobuko Akitsuki

    Nobuko Akitsuki Cast

  4. Photo of Naoe Fushimi

    Naoe Fushimi Cast

  5. Photo of Mononosuke Ichikawa

    Mononosuke Ichikawa Cast

  6. Photo of Motoharu Isokawa

    Motoharu Isokawa Cast

  7. Photo of Eiji Murakami

    Eiji Murakami Cast

  8. Photo of Hideo Nakamura

    Hideo Nakamura Cast

  9. Photo of Kichiji Nakamura

    Kichiji Nakamura Cast

  10. Photo of Koka Nakamura

    Koka Nakamura Cast

  11. Photo of Kajo Onoe

    Kajo Onoe Cast

  12. Photo of Seinosuke Sakamoto

    Seinosuke Sakamoto Cast

  13. Photo of Ranko Sawa

    Ranko Sawa Cast

  14. Photo of Hiromitsu Karasawa

    Hiromitsu Karasawa Cinematography

  15. Photo of Rokuzo Watarai

    Rokuzo Watarai Cinematography