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  1. redux's rating of the film À double tour

    Early dud from the director of 'Le beau Serge' can't decide between being a French 'Long Hot Summer' or a Hitchcock thriller. Short on both atmosphere and tension, all it serves up is a useless menagerie of papier maché characters. Belmondo is super unbelievable as the Hungarian windbag who bosses a rich French family around.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film À double tour

    Peinture incisive mais conventionnelle, ressemblant fort à une dissection, un règlement de comptes. C'est une jolie toile, tendue sur du vide, des oripeaux d'une existence. A noter la prestation de Madeleine Robinson...

  3. José Neves's rating of the film À double tour

    35mm, chromatically degraded print. While rewatching this film i noticed something that had not yet occurred to me: in fact and formally, especially in his 60s and 70s films, Chabrol is a generational link between Hitchcock and De Palma, filmmakers of spirals of looks and its multiple Implications. See the scene of the murder revelation and how the camera descends on the various characters, varying the perspectives.

  4. jenstor's rating of the film À double tour

  5. El Biffo's rating of the film À double tour

    The debut of Laszlo Kovacs as played by Belmondo! How is it that Belmondo was using this name years before the first film by the legendary cinematographer? Belmondo's "Michel Poiccard" used it as a pseudonym in BREATHLESS (1960). The cinematographer made his first feature in 1966, in the USA. There is no record of him having done anything prior to "64! If anyone can explain this, the comments box is below...

  6. kevanharris's rating of the film À double tour

    This and Les Bonnes Femmes all in two years? Mind blowing - the new old new wave starts here.

  7. Weston Campbell's rating of the film À double tour

    Feels like five movies at once, and they're all really good.

  8. Enric Sarrado's rating of the film À double tour

    Great movie overall. A perfect picture of the "burgoises" in the French Champagne with a solid plot and a stellar Belmondo in the role of a freerider in the middle of the mess. You'll need to order a couple of pastis (French Anis) and croissants in order to see it ;)

  9. Rhilton's rating of the film À double tour

    Sad that there will be no more Chabrol films. Beautiful color photography and a clever musical score. Belmondo is as natural and cool as ever. A classic.

  10. Mehru Jaffer's rating of the film À double tour

  11. Paolo Simeone's rating of the film À double tour

    Uno splendido massacro della borghesia negli anni in cui si consolidava. <3

  12. Lefteris Becerra's rating of the film À double tour

    salvo por la secuencia del asesinato que tiene algunas audacias visuales y la idea de que la belleza merece morir por acomplejar al asesino con síndrome de bicho, es bastante torpe y un paso atrás después de el bello sergio y los primos. chabrol configura en su arranque un cine "sencillo", que plantea ideas claras, concretas, sencillas. bravo chabrol

  13. Lorna Singh's rating of the film À double tour

    From one of my favourite directors.This is Chabrol's third film and first psychological thriller.Like alot of his films,it was a success in its condemnation of bourgeois behaviour. Jean-Paul Belmondo is a stand out in his first major film.