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  1. Photo of Dagmar Beiersdorf

    Dagmar Beiersdorf Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lothar Lambert

    Lothar Lambert Cast and Editing

  3. Photo of Suzanne Gautier

    Suzanne Gautier Cast

  4. Photo of Imke Barnstedt

    Imke Barnstedt Cast

  5. Photo of Mustafa Iskandarani

    Mustafa Iskandarani Cast

  6. Photo of Stefan Menche

    Stefan Menche Cast

  7. Photo of Nilgün Gautier

    Nilgün Gautier Cast

  8. Photo of Klaus Münster

    Klaus Münster Cast

  9. Photo of Martine Felton

    Martine Felton Cast

  10. Photo of Dorothea Moritz

    Dorothea Moritz Cast

  11. Photo of Inga Schrader

    Inga Schrader Cast

  12. Photo of Baduri

    Baduri Cast

  13. Photo of Renate Berthold

    Renate Berthold Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Cutts

    Robert Cutts Cast

  15. Photo of Christof Knaus

    Christof Knaus Cast

  16. Photo of Wolfgang Krenz

    Wolfgang Krenz Cast

  17. Photo of Eva-Maria Kurz

    Eva-Maria Kurz Cast

  18. Photo of Marion Michalke

    Marion Michalke Cast

  19. Photo of Erika Rabau

    Erika Rabau Cast

  20. Photo of Heidi Thran

    Heidi Thran Cast

  21. Photo of Roswitha Tischler

    Roswitha Tischler Cast

  22. Photo of Christoph Gies

    Christoph Gies Cinematography

  23. Photo of Doreen Heins

    Doreen Heins Editing and Cast

  24. Photo of Albert Kittler

    Albert Kittler Sound and Cast