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  1. Photo of Frank Borzage

    Frank Borzage Director

  2. Photo of Edward A. Blatt

    Edward A. Blatt Producer

  3. Photo of Benjamin Glazer

    Benjamin Glazer Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Oliver H.P. Garrett

    Oliver H.P. Garrett Screenplay

  5. Photo of Charles Lang

    Charles Lang Cinematography

  6. Photo of Helen Hayes

    Helen Hayes Cast

  7. Photo of Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper Cast

  8. Photo of Adolphe Menjou

    Adolphe Menjou Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Philips

    Mary Philips Cast

  10. Photo of Jack La Rue

    Jack La Rue Cast

  11. Photo of Otho Lovering

    Otho Lovering Editing

  12. Photo of George Nichols Jr.

    George Nichols Jr. Editing

  13. Photo of Roland Anderson

    Roland Anderson Production Design

  14. Photo of Hans Dreier

    Hans Dreier Production Design

  15. Photo of Herman Hand

    Herman Hand Music

  16. Photo of W. Franke Harling

    W. Franke Harling Music

  17. Photo of Bernhard Kaun

    Bernhard Kaun Music

  18. Photo of John Leipold

    John Leipold Music

  19. Photo of Paul Marquardt

    Paul Marquardt Music

  20. Photo of Ralph Rainger

    Ralph Rainger Music

  21. Photo of Milan Roder

    Milan Roder Music

  22. Photo of Franklin Hansen

    Franklin Hansen Sound

  23. Photo of Harold Lewis

    Harold Lewis Sound

  24. Photo of Travis Banton

    Travis Banton Costume Design

  25. Photo of Ernest Hemingway

    Ernest Hemingway Screenplay

  26. Photo of Laurence Stallings

    Laurence Stallings Screenplay

  27. Photo of Blanche Friderici

    Blanche Friderici Cast

  28. Photo of Mary Forbes

    Mary Forbes Cast

  29. Photo of Gilbert Emery

    Gilbert Emery Cast