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  1. Photo of Alfred Santell

    Alfred Santell Director

  2. Photo of Lawrence Hazard

    Lawrence Hazard Screenplay

  3. Photo of I.A.R. Wylie

    I.A.R. Wylie Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pauline Lord

    Pauline Lord Cast

  5. Photo of Basil Rathbone

    Basil Rathbone Cast

  6. Photo of Louis Hayward

    Louis Hayward Cast

  7. Photo of Billie Burke

    Billie Burke Cast

  8. Photo of Wendy Barrie

    Wendy Barrie Cast

  9. Photo of Nydia Westman

    Nydia Westman Cast

  10. Photo of Victor Varconi

    Victor Varconi Cast

  11. Photo of Thurston Hall

    Thurston Hall Cast

  12. Photo of Nana Bryant

    Nana Bryant Cast

  13. Photo of J.M. Kerrigan

    J.M. Kerrigan Cast

  14. Photo of Doris Lloyd

    Doris Lloyd Cast

  15. Photo of David Niven

    David Niven Cast

  16. Photo of John Rogers

    John Rogers Cast

  17. Photo of E.E. Clive

    E.E. Clive Cast

  18. Photo of Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker Cinematography

  19. Photo of Phil Boutelje

    Phil Boutelje Music

  20. Photo of Stephen Goosson

    Stephen Goosson Production Design

  21. Photo of Everett Riskin

    Everett Riskin Producer

  22. Photo of Viola Lawrence

    Viola Lawrence Editing