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  1. Photo of Jota Soares

    Jota Soares Director

  2. Photo of Costa Monteiro

    Costa Monteiro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ary Severo

    Ary Severo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Demétrio Age

    Demétrio Age Cast

  5. Photo of Creusa Albuquerque

    Creusa Albuquerque Cast

  6. Photo of Olegário Azevedo

    Olegário Azevedo Cast

  7. Photo of Moacir Campos

    Moacir Campos Cast

  8. Photo of Antônio Carvalho

    Antônio Carvalho Cast

  9. Photo of Pedro Carvalho

    Pedro Carvalho Cast

  10. Photo of Ferreira Castro

    Ferreira Castro Cast

  11. Photo of Valderez de Souza

    Valderez de Souza Cast

  12. Photo of Alvaro Gomes

    Alvaro Gomes Cast

  13. Photo of Adamastor Guerra

    Adamastor Guerra Cast

  14. Photo of Euclides Jardim

    Euclides Jardim Cast

  15. Photo of Fred Júnior

    Fred Júnior Cast

  16. Photo of Mário Lima

    Mário Lima Cast

  17. Photo of Dustan Maciel

    Dustan Maciel Cast

  18. Photo of Pepino Maciel

    Pepino Maciel Cast

  19. Photo of Edson Chagas

    Edson Chagas Editing and Cinematography