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  1. The Macho King's rating of the film A Fine Madness

    I find this film hilarious,its so outlandish(but the ideas expressed in this film I do think are interesting and could make some decent convo/discussions) and the fact of Connery's passionate,fiery,narcissustic performance is so over the top I find it entertaining,but it does fall apart near the end,one could argue that the whole 3rd act is bad(the ending most certainly is)but I dig it yo(the film,not the ending lol)

  2. Daniela's rating of the film A Fine Madness

  3. Ari's rating of the film A Fine Madness

    Unpleasant and unfunny to watch, A Fine Madness still ends up being a fairly compelling pop-psycho-sexual pseudo-comedy featuring an against type Sean Connery playing a brutish, narcissistic and misogynistic poet. Pablo Picasso may have never been called an asshole but perhaps only Driller Killer and The Horse's Mouth manages to capture the artist as sociopath better.