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  1. Photo of Cristina Diaz-Curbelo

    Cristina Diaz-Curbelo Screenplay

  2. Photo of Juan Carlos García

    Juan Carlos García Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luis Rafael Sánchez

    Luis Rafael Sánchez Screenplay

  4. Photo of Chavito Marrero

    Chavito Marrero Cast

  5. Photo of Idalia Pérez Garay

    Idalia Pérez Garay Cast

  6. Photo of Teofilo Torres

    Teofilo Torres Cast

  7. Photo of Norma Candal

    Norma Candal Cast

  8. Photo of Gladys Rodríguez

    Gladys Rodríguez Cast

  9. Photo of Sunshine Logroño

    Sunshine Logroño Cast

  10. Photo of Esther Mari

    Esther Mari Cast

  11. Photo of Milton Graña

    Milton Graña Cinematography

  12. Photo of Luis Molina Casanova

    Luis Molina Casanova Producer and Director

  13. Photo of Antonio Betancourt

    Antonio Betancourt Sound

  14. Photo of Gloria Sáez

    Gloria Sáez Costume Design