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  1. Photo of Martin Zandvliet

    Martin Zandvliet Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anders Frithiof August

    Anders Frithiof August Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nikolaj Lie Kaas

    Nikolaj Lie Kaas Cast

  4. Photo of Julie Zangenberg

    Julie Zangenberg Cast

  5. Photo of Lars Ranthe

    Lars Ranthe Cast

  6. Photo of Lars Brygmann

    Lars Brygmann Cast

  7. Photo of Annika Aakjær

    Annika Aakjær Cast

  8. Photo of Laura Christensen

    Laura Christensen Cast

  9. Photo of Morten Kirkskov

    Morten Kirkskov Cast

  10. Photo of Martin Buch

    Martin Buch Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Reichardt

    Peter Reichardt Cast

  12. Photo of Silja Eriksen Jensen

    Silja Eriksen Jensen Cast

  13. Photo of Anders Heinrichsen

    Anders Heinrichsen Cast

  14. Photo of Jesper Tøffner

    Jesper Tøffner Cinematography

  15. Photo of Sune Martin

    Sune Martin Music

  16. Photo of Charlotte Garnov

    Charlotte Garnov Production Design

  17. Photo of Peter Grant

    Peter Grant Production Design

  18. Photo of Michael Ricks

    Michael Ricks Producer

  19. Photo of Mikael Chr. Rieks

    Mikael Chr. Rieks Producer

  20. Photo of Henrik Zein

    Henrik Zein Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Per Sandholt

    Per Sandholt Editing

  22. Photo of Johannes Elling Dam

    Johannes Elling Dam Sound

  23. Photo of Jan Juhler

    Jan Juhler Sound