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  1. tinderness's rating of the film A German Youth

    Wen interessieren die prinzipiellen Fragen von gestern und heute denn noch, frage ich mich und habe dabei die prinzipiellen Fragen schon selbst fast vergessen. Nur, auch damals versuchte man alles, um sie nicht stellen zu müssen. Dennoch scheint heute alles anders - man lacht höhnisch oder verbrämt die Erinnerung nostalgisch oder ist in dumpfes Brüten versunken.

  2. eberhard's rating of the film A German Youth

    Was eine Doku nicht alles kann.

  3. Juri's rating of the film A German Youth

    eine brilliante mischung aus doku mit politikwissenschaftlichen niveau und kleinem kunstfilm der wunderbar kuratiert die verbindung der 68er-Politik mit filmerischen und künstlerischen mitteln aufzeigt. selten hat ein film sein eigenes genre und format so politisiert. WERTOW!!

  4. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film A German Youth

  5. interkosmos's rating of the film A German Youth

    A fairly concise archival exploration of the Red Army Faction phenomena. The take on RAF history is the one currently en vogue, but what really shines here is the archival footage, especially that of Ulrike Meinhof and the films of Holger Meins and Gudrun Ensslin. If there is something new here, it is how that footage emphasizes the RAF's origins and dialectic in media studies and praxis. MUBI show some Meins films!

  6. EdieEmm's rating of the film A German Youth

    I liked this quite a bit, I remember, but honestly the details were just sort of a little peripheral to the giant swoony crush I developed on Ulrike Meinhof. <3

  7. David R Williams's rating of the film A German Youth

    What happens when words fail? When your verbal raging against the machine falls on at best deaf ears and apathy, or at worst, scorn and physical harm? Does one slink back to a mainstream existence? Or does one take up arms and speak the language of the oppressor? Powerful and thought provoking.

  8. Conor M's rating of the film A German Youth

    Superb. When compared with The Baader Meinhof Complex, this film demonstrates why the documentary form is so important. To see that Ulrike Meinhof was an actual living person, with agency in the actually existing world, and not just a character in a very good film.

  9. Strabicofilm's rating of the film A German Youth

    Documentario ben costruito che mostra la lucida scelta ideologica di alcuni giovani tedeschi che,negli anni 70,decisero di imbracciare le armi e costituire il gruppo RAF.L'aspetto più interessante è la capacità di mostrare la progressiva radicalizzazione di alcuni membri del gruppo attraverso le immagini d'archivio.2stelle perché l'impressione è quella della strizzatina d'occhio alle ideologie marxiste dei terroristi

  10. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film A German Youth

    Having taken part in student protests and watched a similar dwindling of support and the turn to more alienating approaches (nothing approaching RAF levels though), this doc was a bittersweet revelation. Surprisingly even-keeled, brilliantly reflexive in its inclusion of radical filmmaking of the time, it's a lightening rod connecting us to the time it depicts, leaving afterimages that won't stop haunting me.

  11. msmichel's rating of the film A German Youth

    Exceptional documentary looking at the rise of the RAF in 60's/70's Germany by using only archival footage to tell its' tale. The passion of the radical youth shines through as protest gives way to violence and eventually terror.

  12. Admir U Gomila Nacrta's rating of the film A German Youth

  13. Jesse W.'s rating of the film A German Youth

    Excellent historical documentary about a group of radical student filmmakers whom became political terrorists in West Germany during the 1960s. From art as politics, to demonstrations and actions, to confrontation and violence. I hadn't known the extent of the middle-class/bourgeois background of the Red Army Faction members. Ulrike Meinhoff was a public figure doing journalism—until democracy fell short for her.

  14. Jegsy's rating of the film A German Youth

    Apposite and well made doc exposing the inherent problems of vanguardism by bourgeois youth, who have no idea of not only the material conditions of working class life, but also the psychological manifestations of oppression beyond the abstract. Interesting how then and now the political classes/media marshal and spin the rhetoric of the opposition to suit their nefarious ends, showing why they'll always win.

  15. SiIencio's rating of the film A German Youth

    The Germanic pendulum swung from a nostalgia of authoritarism to radical libertarianism confronting a reminiscent Establishment with a youth ashamed of their national legacy. Périot executes this dichotomy with excerpts from the past, crucial videofootage unfolds the story perhaps too swiftly. In the context of the Cold War it is critical to expose the rationale behind the existence of another popular terrorist group

  16. alnsferraz's rating of the film A German Youth

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  17. guillermo's rating of the film A German Youth

    Red flag. JLG, Margarethe von Trotta, Rainer Werner Fassbinder. So many fascist politicians against a few crazy and lucid anachists. The sixties and the seventies tought us that it is always about politics. All is politics. Late capitalism has won, but our humanity cannot be destoyed. Great movie.

  18. Superfrog's rating of the film A German Youth

    A really good set of forgotten footage that covers the Red Army Faction and this place and time better than anything else I have seen. Also a very meta reasoning about the nature of cinema as a political form. A very pleasant watch.

  19. captainfez's rating of the film A German Youth

    One of the few political collages you'll see that features close-ups of shit.

  20. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film A German Youth

    A documentary about the rise of The Red Army Faction, a revolutionary terrorist group founded by Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof, this is a fascinating look at how well-intentioned political progressives can become demoralised and, in turn, radicalised. Superb stuff.

  21. Jason's rating of the film A German Youth

    A GERMAN YOUTH is an assemblage, a collection of found footage, full of grandstanding politicos and strident youth, bits of news, spliced-in happenings. Shouldn't by any rights be one of the most grabs-on-won't-let-go captivating things I have ever seen, but there you have it. This is mad and profound history I was already profoundly mad for. I had this thought: Ulrike Meinhof could just as easily have been a CEO.

  22. DrFirestone's rating of the film A German Youth

    Absolutely brilliant documentary exposing the reasons why the far left political movements failed (so far). We see the fragmented political left crushed by the capitalist media and state control. But most of all, we fail to evolve because of our conformist human nature - a revolution requires a personal sacrifice, and the working class (until they’re dying of starvation) couldn’t care less. Top class documentary.

  23. dionysus67's rating of the film A German Youth

    Extremely dense depiction of events around the operation of the Red Army Faction. With the Nazi wounds hovering over the Adenauer government, the terrorist actions reveal a manifesto of anger against all pillars of society. With apt cinematic insertions (Kluge, Antonioni's consumer society in Zabriskie Point, Fassbinder's Germany in Autumn) and great footage from the then protagonists, it's an unsettling film.

  24. Edward Morris's rating of the film A German Youth

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