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  1. Photo of Francis Leclerc

    Francis Leclerc Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marcel Beaulieu

    Marcel Beaulieu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fanny Mallette

    Fanny Mallette Cast

  4. Photo of Hugues Frénette

    Hugues Frénette Cast

  5. Photo of Evelyne Rompré

    Evelyne Rompré Cast

  6. Photo of Rosa Zacharie

    Rosa Zacharie Cast

  7. Photo of Louis-David Morasse

    Louis-David Morasse Cast

  8. Photo of Daniel Parent

    Daniel Parent Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Fagon

    Richard Fagon Cast

  10. Photo of Johanne-Marie Tremblay

    Johanne-Marie Tremblay Cast

  11. Photo of Denis Bernard

    Denis Bernard Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Frechette

    Richard Frechette Cast

  13. Photo of Diane Dufresne

    Diane Dufresne Cast

  14. Photo of Steve Asselin

    Steve Asselin Cinematography

  15. Photo of Pierre Duchesne

    Pierre Duchesne Music

  16. Photo of Monique Dion

    Monique Dion Production Design

  17. Photo of Barbara Shrier

    Barbara Shrier Producer

  18. Photo of Glenn Berman

    Glenn Berman Editing

  19. Photo of Marcel Pothier

    Marcel Pothier Sound

  20. Photo of Jacques Plante

    Jacques Plante Sound

  21. Photo of Mariane Carter

    Mariane Carter Costume Design