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  1. Photo of U Lan

    U Lan Director

  2. Photo of Xie Fei

    Xie Fei Director

  3. Photo of Zhang Xian

    Zhang Xian Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shen Congwen

    Shen Congwen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Na Renhua

    Na Renhua Cast

  6. Photo of Deng Xiaoguang

    Deng Xiaoguang Cast

  7. Photo of Guan Zongxiang

    Guan Zongxiang Cast

  8. Photo of Jia Dazhong

    Jia Dazhong Cast

  9. Photo of Lin Qing

    Lin Qing Cast

  10. Photo of Ni Meiling

    Ni Meiling Cast

  11. Photo of Zeng Peng

    Zeng Peng Cast

  12. Photo of Zhang Fan

    Zhang Fan Cast

  13. Photo of Zhang Yu

    Zhang Yu Cast

  14. Photo of Fu Jing-sheng

    Fu Jing-sheng Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ye Xiaogang

    Ye Xiaogang Music

  16. Photo of Xing Zheng

    Xing Zheng Production Design

  17. Photo of Zhang Lanfong

    Zhang Lanfong Editing