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  1. Photo of Oliver Haffner

    Oliver Haffner Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Katharina M. Schubert

    Katharina M. Schubert Cast

  3. Photo of Adam Bousdoukos

    Adam Bousdoukos Cast

  4. Photo of Paul Faßnacht

    Paul Faßnacht Cast

  5. Photo of Katharina Hauter

    Katharina Hauter Cast

  6. Photo of Rainer Furch

    Rainer Furch Cast

  7. Photo of Marion Breckwoldt

    Marion Breckwoldt Cast

  8. Photo of Maik Solbach

    Maik Solbach Cast

  9. Photo of Rick Okon

    Rick Okon Cast

  10. Photo of Canan Kir

    Canan Kir Cast

  11. Photo of Luise Heyer

    Luise Heyer Cast

  12. Photo of Eva Löbau

    Eva Löbau Cast

  13. Photo of Felix Knopp

    Felix Knopp Cast

  14. Photo of Tini Prüfert

    Tini Prüfert Cast

  15. Photo of Bernd Grawert

    Bernd Grawert Cast

  16. Photo of Kaspar Kaven

    Kaspar Kaven Cinematography

  17. Photo of Franz Schubert

    Franz Schubert Music

  18. Photo of Anja Pohl

    Anja Pohl Editing

  19. Photo of Christian Röhrs

    Christian Röhrs Costume Design